Sunday, October 9, 2005

Randi Rhodes: I am not ashamed.

The Radio Equalizer:
Pentagon Attack A Laughing Matter For Randi Rhodes


Air America Host: 'I Saw A Bird Fly Into The Pentagon Once'

Can Air America Radio endure a fresh set of headaches caused by Randi Rhodes, loose cannon network talk show host?


After People hit the news stands, Ms. Rhodes' office issued the following statement:

Contrary to current rumours, Randi Rhodes elected prosthetic tongue surgery, a bionic tongue implant, upon learning that Howard Dean would become chairman of the Democrat National Committee. “With the political climate heating up, competition for attention will get tough, and I opted for a radical surgical intervention,” said the radio talk show personality. “When the rhetoric is elevated, louder and faster wins, and my bionic tongue will keep me at the top of my profession. If, however, it turns out that my aggression level is inadequate to support full bionic functionality, I won’t hesitate to have sex change operation. I am a true patriot.”

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