Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Real Diversity

Celebrate! The only diversity that really matters, intellectual diversity in a free market of ideas.

Friday, February 11, 2005

In 2008...

In 2008, the stakes will be the heart and soul of America, as we know it.

It culminates a struggle of recent centuries inspired by many. Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Hamilton, Jay to name a few. These are the practitioners of traditional Western liberalism, champions of self-ownership, limited government, free markets, equal opportunity, inalienable human rights, and individual freedom... political, social and economic. In oppositon are the anti-individualists, the followers of Marxism and its clones, united mainly by discontent and resentment, using the power of the state to overrule common people for their own good. These are the practitioners of redistributive engineering, often alienated elitists preying righteously upon resentment of less fortunate people, pushing victimhood, rejecting individual responsibility and promising to redistribute property, opportunity, and human rights of some people more to the liking of some other people.

From here to 2008, it seems the left will be led by Hillary Clinton. These are treacherous times. In 2008, it may be winner take all, once and for all.

Are you ready for this?

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