Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Shellacking

Left, Right agree: Obama’s G-20 performance worst ever

In 2008, we warned about the dangers of putting a man in the White House with no executive, military, diplomatic, or private-sector experience.  It should shock no one to find that American leadership has utterly vanished on the international stage when we elect someone incapable of providing that leadership.  The lesson from both the Right and Left coasts’ media is that Barack Obama is in way over his head and doesn’t have a clue how to get back to the surface.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eight Ball Pelosi

Pelosi wants a pool table for 70th birthday
Makes sense enough. If you're an eight ball, you need a place to live.

Friday, November 12, 2010

ObamaCare Warning Labels

Great news: FDA ready to require photos of corpses on cigarette packs

You can see the images they have in mind, section by section, by clicking here and then following the links under the heading “Proposed Graphic Health Warnings for Cigarette Packages and Advertisements.” 


Pelosi: ‘We Didn’t Lose Because of Me’

Among those rooting for Ms. Pelosi to stick around are Republicans, who are giddy at the prospect of reprising in 2012 the attacks they used in the past election cycle, tying Democratic incumbents around the country to the liberal from San Francisco.

Ms. Pelosi’s reply: Bring it on. “The reason they had to take me down is because I’ve been effective in fighting special interests in Washington, D.C.,” Ms. Pelosi said, citing the health insurance and financial services industries. “I’m effective. They had to take me out. I’m also the most significant attractor to support for the Democrats.”


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pelosi vs. The People

Nancy Pelosi to run for minority leader
The fear of a return engagement as minority leader for the controversial speaker — the prospect of another rout in 2012 and damage to President Barack Obama's reelection campaign — has prompted a slowly building phalanx of Democrats to disavow her bid.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hillary E. Newman

Ran across this just yesterday at Jules from . It immediately became seared, seared in my mind.

It's just so perfect.

Pelosi Stays On: Addicted to Power

Nancy Pelosi to run for minority leader

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to stay in power as minority leader after losing 60 seats and control of the House — a stunning announcement that sets up combat between her two top lieutenants.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Elections 2010: Stop the Socialism


CNN Poll: Those who say things going poorly higher than 1994 or 2006

Progressivism is Atavism

 The Politics of Bad Faith: The Radical Assault on America’s Future, by David Horowitz (1998).
Far from being a progressive conception, the socialist ethic is atavistic and represents the primitive morality of pre-industrial formations: the clan and the tribe. This is why its current incarnation takes the form of “identity politics,” the latest revolt against bourgeois individualism and freedom. Modern radicalism is the return of the repressed. Its values -- equality, cooperation, unity -- are the survival codes of small, vulnerable groups with knowable goals and shared interests. But the morality of tribal communities is self-defeating and disastrous when applied to complex economies, dependent on factors of production that are geographically dispersed and on trade exchanges that are trans-national in scope. In the context of a modern extended economic order, where goals are not shared, where market prices encapsulate knowledge beyond the capacity of a central authority and in situations so complex that no planner can rationally allocate economic tasks, the socialist agenda and its tribal ethos produce social atavisms -- the paternalistic politics, fratricidal nationalisms and economic despotisms, universally characteristic of socialist states.