Friday, October 21, 2005

ACLU: Jihad Wing of the Democrat Party

Once again for the Jihad Democrats…

I’ve been tagged by Atlas Shrugs, who was tagged by the Soldiers' Angel, who was tagged by REAL Teen- Right on the Right, who was tagged by Cao of Cao’s Blog, who was tagged by Dave of Third World County, who was tagged by Kit from Euphoric Reality, who asks ‘If you could hang a sign on the ACLU building to draw attention to it, what would you put on your sign?’

As luck would have it, Miss Cleo had told me Kit was wondering this several days ago, and it was the ACLU (along with the rest of the progressive wing of the Democrat party) who motivated this poster of the jihadist donkey, which I hereby dedicate to Kit’s campaign.

OK, now I need to tag three or four more bloggers to carry the ball from here. I tag Blog Idaho, Isn’t It Rich, Knowledge is Power, and The Conservative UAW Guy.

For guidelines on tagging, see Euphoric Reality and Third World Country.

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