Friday, March 31, 2006

Go, Bubba !

Another cheap shot...

But it's just too funny. Gotta love that Bubba.

Barbra does Bubba?

Bizarre claims about Streisand's sex life 30 March 2006

An unauthorised biography of Barbra Streisand alleges the singer has had more than her fair share of celebrity sexfests in her day.

In his new book, Barbra: The Way She Is, Christopher Anderson alleges Streisand notched up many big names on her star-studded belt, including Prince Charles, Dodi Fayed, Andre Agassi and Bill Clinton.

Hat Tip: This image is an adaptation from a work by featuring Monica instead of Barbra. It's one of my all-time favorites, as is the Shieldsnet site. If you're looking for good times, go there.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Democrat Security Plan

Democrats release ‘Real Security’ plan
From The Shape of Days, March 29, 2006

Congressional Democrats today released “Real Security: The Democratic Plan to Protect America and Restore Our Leadership in the World,” a “comprehensive plan” that consists of a ten-page PowerPoint deck.

Except it’s really only five pages, because half the pages are in Spanish. Spanish on one side, English on the other. Like stereo instructions. I guess restoring our leadership to the world is something you can get at Ikea.

Except the first page is just a title card, and the second page is just a blurb. So really it’s only three pages.

The Democrats’ comprehensive plan for restoring the blah blah and protecting some other thing is actually three PowerPoint slides....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hillary: Calling on Jesus

Hillary: Immigration Enforcement Would Criminalize Jesus
From Captain's Quarters, by Captain Ed

Senator Hillary Clinton finally weighed in on the immigration debate yesterday by scolding the Republicans for focusing on border enforcement rather than an amnesty program. She told an audience of immigrant leaders in New York that Republicans would have criminalized the Good Samaritan and probably Jesus as well:

Accusing Republicans of betraying family values, Senator Clinton said a House immigration bill would turn "probably even Jesus himself" into a criminal.

A relative latecomer to the charged immigration debate, Mrs. Clinton yesterday spoke passionately to a gathering of a broad spectrum of New York's immigrant leaders. Her comments come amid a local groundswell of activity in preparation for a Senate vote Monday that is expected to determine the nature of immigration reform. ...

Mrs. Clinton, who previously said the bill would move America toward a "police state," also invoked biblical language yesterday. "It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures," Mrs. Clinton said, "because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan."

Hillary has all the chutzpah of her husband and almost none of his deft political touch. This speech sounds exactly as if a marketing firm designed it. One can almost hear the debate around the table: "She needs to reference religion more." "Hillary has to connect with the base." "She needs to be more aggressive in attacking Republicans." At this point, one of the young geniuses would leap to his/her feet and say, "Eureka! Let's have her slam Republicans for turning Biblical figures into criminals with their immigration policy!"

Hillary also has a problem with her "understanding of Scriptures", which her speechwriting committee seems to highlight. The Good Samaritan did not cross international borders to assist the victim in the parable; he came from another community in Israel, albeit one held in low regard by other Israelites. Neither did Jesus, who traveled through what is now the West Bank region and Jerusalem but at the time was all part of Israel... [more]

Saturday, March 18, 2006

UN Plans Global Looting

United Nations Proposal: World Taxation Without Representation
Atlas Shrugs, by Atlas.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan delivered a major but virtually unreported speech to a UN Conference at the end of February and the first of March 2006 at which he challenged delegates to have the courage to levy international taxes. The meeting was hosted by that great friend of America French President Jacques Chirac.

[...] the UN proposal to tax us for the first $200 billion.

If the UN were not blocked in this clear usurpation of power the $200 billion would be only the beginning. ...

The Chirac-Annan conference was titled "the Paris Conference on Innovative Financing Mechanisms" and apparently behind the back of the United States Government the UN is planning its taxation schemes almost immediately. Read it all here.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hugh Hewitt, March 16, 2006

Chuck Schumer staffer Lauren B. Weiner faces federal charges for stealing credit history information on U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele, who is currently the Lt. Gov. of Maryland.

Weiner worked for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee which is run by Schumer, and although the Washington Post buried this story on page B-4 and didn't even mention Schumer, count on talk radio to let the country know the culture of corruption that Schumer has built at the DSCC.

Chuck and Hillary hand al Qaeda a major victory by demagoguing the Dubai Port Works contract.

A Major Victory for al Qaeda, The Strategy Page, March 13, 2006

In the past three weeks, there has been a political firestorm caused by misreported facts about the purchase of P&O by Dubai Port Works, and scurrilous attacks on the UAE by pundits, which has led to the betrayal of America's most loyal and useful an ally in the Persian Gulf. The fallout from this betrayal will make it difficult to recruit future allies in the war on terror. The attacks on the UAE have the potential to do what Osama bin Laden has not been able to do with over a decade of bombings, the hijacked airliners, and fatwas.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Apple for the Teacher!

As the internet frees us from information control by MSM, so the MP3/Recorder may enable freedom from intellectual control in the classroom.

Technology seems to disfavor the left.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bully's Pulpit

Let's start off with a few quotes, then a question. In reference to the president's State of the Union: "Sounds a lot like the things Adolf Hitler used to say." "Bush is threatening the whole planet." "[The] U.S. wants to keep the world divided." Then the speaker asks, "Who is probably the most violent nation on the planet?" and shouts "The United States."

What's the source of these statements? Were they made in the heat of a political campaign? Was it a yet-to-be captured leader of al Qaeda? Was it French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin? Any "yes" answer would miss the true source by a mile. All of those statements were made by Jay Bennish, a teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colo.

During this class session, Mr. Bennish peppered his 10th-grade geography class with other statements like: The U.S. has engaged in "7,000 terrorist attacks against Cuba." In his discussion of capitalism, he told his students, "Capitalism is at odds with humanity, at odds with caring and compassion and at odds with human rights."

Regardless of whether you're pro-Bush or anti-Bush, pro-American or anti-American, I would like to know whether there's anyone who believes the teacher's remarks were appropriate for any classroom setting, much less a high school geography class. It's clear the students aren't being taught geography. They're getting socialist lies and propaganda.

According to one of the parents, on the first day of class, the teacher said Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto" would be a part of the curriculum.

This kind of indoctrination is by no means restricted to Overland High School. Schoolteachers, at all grades, often use classrooms for environmental, antiwar, anti-capitalist and anti-parent propaganda. Some get their students to write letters to political figures condemning public policy the teacher dislikes.

Thomas Sowell's "Inside American Education" documents numerous ways teachers attack parental authority. Teachers have asked third-graders, "How many of you ever wanted to beat up your parents?" In a high-school health class, students were asked, "How many of you hate your parents?"

Public education propaganda is often a precursor for what youngsters might encounter in college. The University of California-Los Angeles' Bruin Standard newspaper documents campus propaganda. Mary Corey, UCLA history professor, instructed her class, "Capitalism isn't a lie on purpose. It's just a lie," she continued, "[Capitalists] are swine. ... They're bastard people." Professor Andrew Hewitt, chairman of UCLA's Department of Germanic Languages, told his class, "Bush is a moron, a simpleton, and an idiot." His opinion of the rest of us: "American consumerism is a very unique thing; I don't think anyone else lusts after money in such a greedy fashion."

Rod Swanson, economics professor, told his class, "The United States of America, backed by facts, is the greediest and most selfish country in the world." Terri Anderson, a sociology professor, assigned her class to go out cross-dressed in public for four hours. Photos or videotape were required as proof of completing the assignment.

The Bruin Alumni Association caused a stir when it offered to pay students for recordings of classroom proselytizing. The UCLA administration, wishing to conceal professorial misconduct, threatened legal action against the group. Some professors labeled the Bruin Alumni Association's actions as McCarthyism and attacks on academic freedom. These professors simply want a free hand to proselytize students.

Brainwashing and proselytization are by no means unique to UCLA. Taxpayers ought to de-fund, and donors should cut off contributions to colleges where administrators condone or support academic dishonesty. At the K-12 schools, parents should show up at schools, PTAs and board of education meetings demanding teachers teach reading, writing and arithmetic and leave indoctrination to parents.

The most promising tool in the fight against teacher proselytization is the micro-technology available that can expose the academic misconduct.

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University and is a nationally syndicated columnist.

Bennish: Intellectual Child Abuse, by Mike Rosen, March 10, 2006

Here's how the Los Angeles Times spun the story: "Teacher suspended for Bush remark." Wrong! Several other news stories in our local papers have been no better. Congratulations to Rocky Mountain News reporters who got it right: "The teacher, Jay Bennish, is on paid leave pending the outcome of an investigation into whether he violated a district policy requiring balanced viewpoints being presented in class."
Bingo! If teachers were disciplined merely for criticizing President Bush, half of them would probably be out of work. Bennish is under scrutiny for violating his public trust as a teacher of callow young minds by carting his personal political soapbox into his 10th- grade geography class in violation of a perfectly sensible and reasonable Cherry Creek Schools policy that requires teachers to be "impartial and objective" when dealing with controversial issues.

There's an old saying among lawyers: "When you're weak on the facts, argue the law. When you're weak on the law, argue the facts. And when you're weak on the facts and the law, abuse your opponent."

So Bennish, the Overland High School left-wing political activist who masquerades as a geography teacher, has retained David Lane to personally attack Sean Allen, the 16-year-old student who had the courage to expose Bennish as the propagandist he is. Lane - who also represents Bennish soundalike Ward Churchill - doesn't have much to work with. This is not a First Amendment issue. Lane conceded on my radio show last week that the district policy requiring that teachers offer a balanced presentation in class is most certainly constitutional. And anyone who has listened to the recording of Bennish's 20- minute tirade (you can hear it by clicking on the "Mike Rosen" link under "Shows" at will recognize it as a one-sided, left-wing rant. So all that's left is to attack the whistleblower, Allen.

Lane isn't really lawyering for Bennish at this point since a lawsuit would be premature. The district hasn't concluded anything yet. No, Lane is Bennish's PR man, his media flack. And he's made young Allen the target of preposterous claims that he doctored the recording or that he's lied about Bennish's past political diatribes. Allen has offered to make the recording available to an audio expert and has been corroborated by past students of Bennish who have testified to a pattern of left-wing indoctrination in his lectures, which may be why the school district has decided to extend its investigation.

Equally preposterous is the claim that Bennish's remarks have been "taken out of context." Just listen to the recording yourself. It must be heard to be believed. It's indefensible. He sounds like Michael Moore - only angrier! He isn't merely "playing devil's advocate."

Bennish is supposed to be a teacher not an agitator. And, no, balance wouldn't be served by an offsetting right-wing diatribe, wholly unlikely for an ideologue of his leftist ilk - and just as inappropriate in a 10th-grade classroom. His pretense is that this is Socratic dialogue meant to engage students. Nonsense. Socratic dialogue is reasoned, measured and dispassionate, not ranting and raving. Bennish's tone is bitter and inflammatory. He's a demagogue. He asks rhetorical questions and answers them himself with simplistic, left-wing sloganeering. "Capitalism is a violation of human rights," he declares as incontrovertible fact. Really? According to whom, Karl Marx? Josef Stalin? Kim Jong Il? That kind of a declaration would be out of line even in a class on comparative economics and has no relevance whatsoever in a geography class!

Bennish shamelessly concludes his 20-minute harangue saying: "And I'm not in any way implying that you should agree with me. I don't even know if I'm necessarily taking a position," after he just finished doing precisely that. What chutzpah! This is part of his charade as an advocate, pretending he's just provoking thought. He inserts this facile disclaimer, imagining that it inoculates him from charges of manipulating the impressionable young minds he rewards for regurgitating this twaddle back to him on a test or paper.
Lane, the Bennish button man, has questioned Allen's "agenda." Allen has made that clear. He believes it's wrong for a teacher to exploit his position of trust to engage in self-indulgent ideological indoctrination. And Allen's parents believe their public education tax dollars shouldn't be used to subsidize Bennish's political agenda and that their son is entitled to a fair and honest education. Apparently, many other parents and taxpayers agree. Nobody's taking Jay Bennish "out of context." He damns himself with his own words. This is nothing less than intellectual child abuse.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Leak Much?

New Anti-Intelligence Leak Initiatives Adopted by Gov't
American Chronicle
, Jim Kouri, March 5, 2006

The United States government and its intelligence community are adopting a series of initiatives to discourage government employees from leaking classified information to journalists, The Washington Post reported in its Sunday edition.

The efforts include several FBI probes, a polygraph investigation inside the CIA and a warning from the Justice Department that reporters could be prosecuted under espionage laws, the Post said.

During the Bush Administration, a nexus of politicians, government workers and members of the news media have worked overtime in leaking classified information. From the secret terrorist prisons to the National Security Agency's super-secret surveillance program, intelligence officials and the Bush Administration have had to watch their counterterrorism efforts neutralized for political reasons.

Special agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently interviewed dozens of employees at the CIA, the NSA and other intelligence agencies as part of an intense and wide-reaching investigation. Many employees who possess security clearances at the CIA, FBI, the Justice Department and other agencies received letters from the Justice Department forbidding them from discussing even unclassified intelligence programs.

But people such as former deputy-undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin don't think the Justice Department investigators and prosecutors have the guts to indict a US senator. Babbin said it would cause a battle royal on the Hill, if not a constitutional crisis.

He did say, however, that any senator or Congressional staffer that holds a security clearance can be asked at any time to take a polygraph. The individual can of course refuse to take the test, but failure to do so is reason to remove that person's security clearance. Babbin further said that Senators Rockefeller, Durbin, and Wyden, and some on their staffs will soon be requested to take polygraphs.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Say Anything


The American Thinker, March 4, 2006

A very compelling story from Aurora, Colorado is still unfolding. A student named Sean Allen openly taped his geography teacher on a regular basis as a study aid. The teacher abused his post to indoctrinate his charges with left wing rants derived from the loony websites. On a regular basis. Kid takes tape to Dad to school and eventually to talk radio. Michelle Malkin is providing all the links you need to hear tape highlights, see local TV news coverage, and more. Michelle is updating the story....

My mind ventures to wonder if we ought to think about encouraging, not limiting, the rights of students to record their teachers in public schools. Based on what I heard, the teacher was stealing money from the public by not doing his job. He was appropriating students’ time, school facilities, and part of his paycheck in order to indulge his own urge to propagate conspiracy theories.

The public has a clear interest in making certain that schools perform their desired function. Shouldn’t we pass laws allowing public school students the right to record any classroom session paid for with public funds?
The MP3 revolution is upon us. iPods are ubiquitous. For as little as fifteen bucks a tiny device clicks in and turns the iPod into a digital recorder. Suitable for uploading to the web by any kid in America.

Think of the historic opportunity we have to improve education by decentralized monitoring of classroom conduct. I am certain sanctimonious arguments are made to respect the privacy and intimacy of he teacher-student bond. The learning process depends on trust. Laymen just don’t understand the complexities.

Spare me. These are public employees, union members more than independent professionals, and they are hired to teach geography not spew political hyperbole. We need to monitor them. They shouldn’t say anything in the classroom on our dime that they aren’t willing to see heard on the internet.
Dr. Monte Moses, Superintendent
Cherry Creek School District
4700 South Yosemite Street
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Phone: 303-773-1184

Governor Owens
Update March 10, 2006: by Mike Rosen