Sunday, August 14, 2005

Moore's Circus: The Sheehan Act

Vacaville Mom Responds to In-laws Criticism of Protest

... snip... Patrick Sheehan has declined to comment publicly about his wifes efforts.

His family, however, issued a terse e-mailed comment on Thursday.

We do not agree with the political motivations and publicity tactics of Cindy Sheehan. She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the expense of her sons good name and reputation, read the e-mail signed by Caseys aunt Cherie Quartarolo on behalf of his paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

The Sheehan family lost our beloved Casey in the Iraq War and we have been silently, respectfully grieving, the e-mail stated. The rest of the Sheehan family supports the troops, our country and our president, silently, with prayer and respect.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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