Saturday, August 27, 2005

Al Sharpton Joins Camp Cindy


Al Sharpton Teaming up with Cindy Sheehan

Firebrand civil rights agitator Rev. Al Sharpton announced plans yesterday to team up with "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan to call for an "immediate end" to the war in Iraq.

In a press release issued by Sharpton's office, the radical reverend said he'll be traveling to Crawford, Texas on Sunday, where he'll use the occasion to "mark the 42nd anniversary of the historic march on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech."

Sharpton and Sheehan may have a lot more in common than meets the eye.

The Peace mom has blamed Israel for causing both global terrorism and the death of her son.
"He was killed for lies and for a Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel," she recently railed. "My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel."

"You get America out of Iraq, you get Israel out of Palestine," Sheehan has also urged.

Like the Peace Mom, Sharpton has repeatedly been accused of being anti-Israel.

During a 2001 trip to Jerusalem, a heckler told him to "go to hell."
"I already am in hell," Sharpton responded.

He's also been criticized for a 1995 incident where he called a Jewish shop owner in Harlem a "white interloper." Within days the shop was burned down, killing eight people. Posted by Picasa

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