Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Michelle Obama: Bitterness in Vogue

The anger that's chic.
Eye-Sores Note: The image was deleted by Photobucket. Though I didn't realize the picture was a PS at the time, that actually shouldn't make a bit of difference. Photoshopping is parody and satire by image. It's what we do. It's protected by the First Amendment. But apparently we're allowed to PS everyone in this wide world except... Michelle Obama, whose image the MSM is trying so preciously to glamorize. (For background on this photo, see At least Google hasn't purged it... yet.)
I started to replace the image, but on second thought decided to leave it as another small monument to liberal 'tolerance'.
A pox on their houses. Yes, they believe in freedom of speech, so long as we say what they want.

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