Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Couric's New Sign-Off


Letterman's Suggested Couric Sign-Off: 'Putting the 'BS' in CBS'

On Monday's Late Show on CBS, David Letterman read a humorous list of suggested sign-offs Katie Couric could use at the end of the CBS Evening News. Among the proposals:
  • "Three of tonight's stories were fake. Write in if you think you know which ones,"
  • "I'm gonna go get my freak on,"
  • "Let's turn this mother out again tomorrow,"
  • "Til tomorrow, morons,"
  • "Return to your sad little lives,"
  • "From me to you, suck it" and, my favorite,
  • "Putting the 'BS' in CBS."
Couric ended Tuesday's CBS Evening News by showing Letterman reading seven of his ideas, but none of the ones hinting at false stories...

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