Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kerry's Bad Timing

Dems Fear Kerry Now Says Wrong Thing at Wrong Time

From Opinion Journal, Best of the Web Today, June 21, 2006

The New York Times reports that Senate Democrats are criticizing Kerry behind his back:
Mr. Kerry has found his resolve. But it has not made his fellow Democrats any happier. They fear the latest evolution of Mr. Kerry's views on Iraq may now complicate their hopes of taking back a majority in Congress in 2006. . . .
Senate Democrats have been loath to express their opinions publicly, determined to emphasize a united front. But interviews suggest a frustration with Mr. Kerry, never popular among the caucus, and still unpopular among many Democrats for failing to defeat a president they considered vulnerable. Privately, some of his Democratic peers complain that he is too focused on the next presidential campaign.
If Republicans were leveling criticisms like this, they'd be accused of "swift-boating" Kerry.

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