Wednesday, December 7, 2005


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MEHLMAN: John Kerry was on Face the Nation this past weekend and he talked about American troops terrorizing Iraqi people, going into Iraqis' homes. I thought that was an incredibly irresponsible comment. I thought that Nancy Pelosi's echoing the retreat and defeat strategy that was laid out earlier was also wrong. I think Democrats all around the country need to stand up and be counted.

RUSH: And then in the midst of all this, Wolf Blitzer, after this interview, reported this.

BLITZER: Getting a quick reaction to my interview only within the past few minutes where the chairman of the Republican Party Ken Mehlman who took a strong swipe at John Kerry for comments he made on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer this Past Sunday. David Wade, a spokesman for John Kerry, just sent us over a statement saying: "Ken Mehlman's filthy and shameful lie about a decorated combat veteran is disgraceful. Political hack Ken Mehlman and draft dodging, doughnut-eating Rush Limbaugh have something in common, neither of them know anything about how to make American troops safe. John Kerry will continue to speak out about how to succeed in Iraq and protect brave American troops."

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