Monday, September 12, 2005

MSM on Showing Dead Bodies

Go to the PajamasMedia 9-11 Memorial Slideshow.

From Powerline:

Glenn Reynolds makes a great point this morning:

"THE PRESS WANTS TO SHOW BODIES from Katrina. It didn't want to show bodies, or jumpers, on 9/11, for fear that doing so would inflame the public.

"I can only conclude that this time around, the press thinks it's a good thing to inflame the public. What could the difference be?"

The link is to a CNN story about how the network has gone to court to get an order requiring the U.S. military to give it access to dead bodies so it can film them. Quite a different attitude, wouldn't you say, from the press's reluctance to show us the full horror of the September 11 attacks? Remember, too, the press' outrage when it wasn't able to shoot footage of caskets of soldiers that were flown back from Iraq. Somehow a different standard applied there, also.


The link is here.


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